Steam-Cleaning Your Car To Get Rid Of Germs

Car detailing services are cashing in on the COVID-19 pandemic, inviting people to make their cars corona virus free.

The corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has made the world sit up and relook at its hygiene habits. Of course, like every trend that’s grabbing the headlines, people will try and cash in on it.

In the last few days, my social media timelines have been filled with ads for car-detailing services offering to “steam-clean” the car for a “germ-free” or “corona virus-free” interior. Think about it. The car’s door handles, steering, gear-lever and seats are hotbeds for all sorts of germs.

If you let someone else touch your car or drive it, chances are it can get contaminated. Even those few minutes when it was driven by a valet at a hotel or someone sought a lift in it are enough.

How do you sanitize the interiors of the car? Is this steam-cleaning really worth it? Yes It is,

Let’s face it, steam has a temperature of over 100 degrees C at normal atmospheric pressure. And pressurized steam used by detailing services is even hotter. No bacteria or viruses can survive those temperatures.

It is a good idea to steam clean the interiors of the car as it will disinfect most of it. Steam can easily dislodge embedded dirt as well, making it easier to brush the surfaces and clean up. Carpets, seats, steering, engine bay and roof-liner can all be steam cleaned. It will get rid of bad odors as well, temporarily.

Many private players in cities are offering steam-cleaning services as well.

At the end of the day, will steam cleaning kill viruses? Yes, it will. Just ensure it’s done with good players.