Scale Remover

This product cleans and eliminates scale and oxide deposits; it is based on inorganic acids and corrosion inhibitors. It is berry good to clean car wash installations. Not suited for glasses.

Plastic & Rubber Polish

It is a mixture of natural wax and polymers which is fast and easy to use. Generating a ”silk” efffect on interiors plastic and leather, It creates an effective protective barrier against the UVA rays and anti-deposting on exterior plastics.

Tar & Gum Remover

This cleaning product dissolves tar and removes glue residues and resin from trees easily it can be applied easily and rapidly and quickly dissolved any tar and or glue stain or residue.

Engine Cleaner

Perfect Degreaser is super concentrated Degreaser, with MA-FRA technology is innovative multi-use and a heavy dirt remover. Powerful and fast, It offers unbeatable performance.

Interior Cleaner

Interior cleaner is perfectly cleans car-seats, plastic parts, and all washable surface inside the car. It dissolves traces of nicotine from car-saet fabrics and canopies, eliminating unpleasent odors and thus offering a guarantee of total hygiene

Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo was developed for perfect external washing of the vehicle with a self-drying effect. its special combined formulation in neutral shampoo ensures a delicate wash, for any paint colour.

Tyre Polish

Tyre Glaze is a highly penetrating treatment that polishes, protects and revives the original colour of any tyre, while preventing cracks and resisting air-borne pollutants.

Body Polish Wax

This product is a long-lasting protective wax which allow a film of water to be broken into beads and then slide over the surface easily under the drying blowers, saving energy and costs.

Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner is a balanced formulation of alcohols and vegetable based surfactants which create active foam capable of rapidly dissolving any kind of dirt or grease.