Can steam inhalation and a betadine gargle help reduce the viral load in the throat and act as a preventive measure?

The measures may not have an effect on patients severely ill or with full-blown symptoms. But Dr said, “Even if it is not effective in preventing, if it reduces severity of the symptoms, it will reduce the burden on healthcare system.”

“In clinical practice, We have seen enough anecdotal (may not be strictly scientific) benefit of twice daily steam inhalation in preventing regular flu.

There are many reports of loss of infectivity of other corona viruses at higher temperature ( > 55-60 degrees centigrade) and higher relative humidity.

Since there is high concentration of virus in oropharynx in asymptomatic early stage,

Use of steam inhalation and warm betadine/chlorhexidine gargle may reduce viral load and consequently severity of infection in high risk  population including hospital workers,”.