Make your car gleam with steam

The steam generated by the Optima Steamerβ„’ is hot enough to lift off any grease and soilage, produces enough pressure to break down dirt, caked-on dust and mud efficiently.
In less time than a traditional steam car wash, the Steam From Optima Steamer not only thoroughly washes your vehicle, but also sanitizes the interior and refurbishes greasy engine parts anew. It can even also reach the tightest spaces and fittings that would otherwise be completely

Drive a clean & hygienic car

Scientifically proven to kill all known bacteria and mold Steam cleaning provides you with the most meticulous job out there! Did you know that microscopic parasites are found living on all textiles and fabrics inside cars? By steam cleaning, you can rest assured that your car remains free of mites, parasites and other allergens

Environmentally friendly

Steam cleaners use a small amount of water (Only 10 to 15 Lt ) to wash the entire external surface of the car and use 100% natural detergents (Steam) to minimize negative environmental impact. This is the most special cleaning method on the market today.