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Outdoor Activity

GRAFFITI, STICKER, GUM, VINYL REMOVAL All-in-one Optima Steamer™ makes your cleaning job burden less Graffiti, unwanted tagging and marking on the street posts, bulletin boards and building walls tend to spread like a virus. It is a big job to remove layers of layers of paints and tagging by the conventional cleaning method which is …

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Hospital and its Facility

Hospital and its Facility Due to stringent regulations regarding sterilization, steam is ideal in effectively cleaning medical and pharmaceutical products or facilities. Emitting dry or wet steam, the full line of Optima Steamers™ allow for quick and efficient cleaning without the use of chemicals, detergents or disinfectants.Tests reveal disinfection with surfaces cleaned with steam cleaning; …

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Hotels, Homes and Shops

  Bacteria are everywhere, but some areas are more likely to breed harmful bacteria. Dust mites, allergens and bacteria are all seeking asylum in your mattresses and carpets. As you clock in your 8 hours of sleep, you are also breathing in allergens that can cause asthma. The most common one found in mattresses is …

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Automotive washing solution

WE PLEDGE A GREEN FUTURE OF THE CLEANING INDUSTRY Make your car gleam with steam The steam generated by the Optima Steamer™ is hot enough to lift off any grease and soilage, produces enough pressure to break down dirt, caked-on dust and mud efficiently. In less time than a traditional steam car wash, the Steam …

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Door Step Mobile Washing Solution

Unrestricted mobility If you’ve ever been disappointed by a conventional steam car wash or had to wait in long lines for your turn, Optima Steamer™ would be the perfect solution for you. This convenient all-in-one system allows the customer to wash and detail anywhere and everywhere without the hassle of visiting a car washing outlet …

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Interior hygiene and sanitization

Drive a clean & hygienic car Steam cleaning is healthier & eco-friendly – no detergent and low water consumption. Steam cleaning is hygienic – even those hard to reach areas can be cleaned and 99.99% of bacteria killed. * Steam cleaning is effortless – no scrubbing or polishing required Scientifically proven to kill all known bacteria and mold Steam cleaning …

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Detailing and Auto Repair Shops

Complete & simplified operation Steam is now a vital part of the automotive repair industry. The Optima Steamer™ leaves no residue and dries almost instantly, avoiding the hassles of clean-up and waste-water maintenance. The Optima Steamer™ also speeds up the cleaning process by easily reaching nooks and crannies while providing a thorough cleaning inside and …

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