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Wood & Furniture Polish

Wood and Furniture Polish: Formulated to give deep lustrous finish to all kinds of wood fittings and furniture. Easily removes finger marks and provides a streak free shine.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet & Bowl Cleaner: Interclean offers a toilet cleaner for daily mainte-nance of the urinals and Wcs.

Multi Purpose Cleaner

It is Concentrate multi purpose cleaner, multi-function for all hard surface in kitchen as floors, walls, panels, tables, sinks, dish washing etc.

Perfumed Glass Cleaner

Perfumed Glass Cleaner : Glass cleaner with extra-ordinary fat-dissolving qualities.

Fresh Gel Hand Wash

Fresh Gel is a high performance hand wash designs for effective cleaning. It is a scale free product along with excellent skin protective formula.

Marble Maintainer

Spray-crystallizer for the maintenance of calcareous stone floors

Hard water Scale Remover

A highly effective cleaner degrader for use where heavy soiling and grease are evident. Effectively removes dust particles, lime scales and dried on soiling

Room Freshene

Room Fresheners : Formulated to remove all disturbing room odors and improve the ambient air.

Disinfected Floor Cleaner

It is a highly effective hard floor cleaner. Ideal for use in reception areas, corridors and bathrooms.

Hand Wash

Germ killers get dirty hands clean and safe, leave skin lightly scented with the enchanting fragrance.

Green Apple Hand wash

A quality perfumed hand wash. It is a mild effective formulation to remove light to medium soil.

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